Hi, my name is Niamh. I think I am the youngest volunteer at the GLO. I am 4 years old (my mum is typing this because I am only small). I have spent today Monday at the orphanage. We first played with the younger children in play group, they sang phonic songs, just like at home instead here they say “Yam” for Y, I don’t know what “Yam” is.

Niamh with Solomon Harvey Amani

We then went to see some of the babies. I met baby Solomon. His grandmother was visiting. Auntie Christine gave me a big hug which made me smile. We then went to the school. We watched the boys and girls in summer camp at the school. All the older children were dancing; I stood on the table a shook my bum like the girls doing traditional Kenyan dancing. The younger children were singing songs which they helped me to learn.

Chapatis, Beans & Sumawiki

At lunchtime the children returned to their houses. I sat in Flynn House. Auntie Christine and Auntie Isabelle had made beans, spinach and chapatti. It was nice. I sat with the children. In Kenya the grownups say, “This time is for eating not talking” when they sit at the table. Before you start eating you say a prayer to thank God for the food as so many children in Africa do not have any food to eat and then you have to eat everything in your bowl. After we said thank you to the housemothers and aunties for the food they had made.

Queuing up

Later we went Maguire House and painted some of the girl’s nails. Everyone laughed when Jack was asking for his nails to be painted. Boys don’t wear nail varnish. Rachel helped me paint the other girls nails.
In the park we played on the swings and the sea-saw. Some of the children only speak in another language but that does not matter when you are playing in a park.

Best of buddies

As we were leaving George asked me to stay overnight but I think I’m too small to do that this year.Maybe next time as I have just returned home to Manchester after 21 hours of travelling. I will remember my friends at the orphanage especially Janie & Naomi and hope to see them again next year. I will also remember just how lucky I am to have a mummy and daddy to look after me, most of the children I met at the orphanage had no parents or even aunties or uncles but they still smile and are happy.

Back @ Manchester Airport after 21hrs travelling

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