The twenty-third of November 2012 seemed like a normal Friday but at St Bernadette Mary School it was anything but that, this was the final day of the school year and the place was a hive of activity. The pupils were all at school from very early in the morning and at 8.00am the parents joined their children for a day of festivities.

Laura helps out with the food preparation

The woman worked frantically at The GLO along with Joseph the Chef preparing Pilau for over seven hundred people. Lots of vegetables to cut and spices to add to the bubbling rice dish.

Joseph prepares Pilau for 700 again

At the school the children were busy arranging the seating whilst hoping it did not rain which is very unusual here in Kenya, Papa Kevin & Mama Mary thought they were back in Manchester!

Is it going to rain?

The day started at 8.00am with the celebration of Mass with Father Moses from Infant Jesus Catholic Church in nearby Mtwapa. We were very happy to have Sister Gertrude, Nico and Alan among our distinguished guests for what was to be an unforgettable day. Following the Mass each class did a short performance, some sang Christmas Carols, some did traditional dancing and some said poems. The highlight had to be the teachers giving their own rendition of Gloria in excelsis Deo.

KG3 Graduation Class of 2012

We were all amazed when our KG3 came around the corner with their graduation capes & hats, they looked so smart and all got presented with a Graduation Certificate, it was a pleasure to see their little faces. When the new school year starts in January 2013, they will move up to Standard 1, the next step in their education.

Zainabu graduates

We then moved swiftly onto the Prize Giving, these awards included Positions 1,2 & 3 in each class but we also awarded the ‘Best at Computers”, “Best in Handwriting”, “Best Mannered Pupil” to name but a few, every pupil received a gift and a certificate. Here is Papa Kevin, Sister Gertrude and Alan awarding some of the prizes.

Kevin presents a certificate to Kanoti

Sister Gertrude awards Cosmos,

Alan presents a certificate to Cosmos

It was time for the teachers to receive their awards and Mr Pius our Head Teacher received a special award for his Leadership skills, here Papa Kevin presents the very worthy recipient.

Kevin presents Mr Pius with his leadership award

There was one very special award to come The Spirit of St Bernadette Mary which was won by Joseph Kai, this was the one every child wanted to win and Joseph’s joy at being the first pupil to receive this accolade will be the subject of our 7th Blog of Christmas.After such a busy morning everyone settled down to an excellent Pilau and thoughts of the new school year starting on 8th January 2013 was on the agenda.

We never realised just what an effect the school would have on The GLO and surrounding area, the children who attend school daily are so grateful that they are receiving a free good quality education and without our donor family from the UK this would be impossible. We are forever in their debt and May God Bless them.

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