What can we say about Mercy, our Operations Manager at The GLO, she is so hard working and dedicated to the project that we Thank God everyday for our good fortune that we have Mercy at the helm.

Mercy with Fionnaulagh

It has been a very busy year for Mercy and all the staff, she has had to deal with how the changes in the Constitution affects CCI’s and with the assistance of Dorothy & George 2012 has been very successful. Also the opening of our new school, St Bernadette Mary School has enhanced the project ever more and brought a new dimension to the charity as a whole.

Madam Mercy's Speech

Here is a Christmas Message from Mercy:

As the GLO Manager I am responsible for the day to day running of the Orphanage. First i have to make sure that all staff and children are in good health by inspecting the five houses each morning. My day starts and 7.00am and finishes when all is done, I am not governed by time but by the need of the children in my care.

GLO Staff Meeting

To my side I thank God for having been blessed me with wonderful founders who have much knowledge and are very good in management, all the trustee and committee members both in the UK and in Kenya and last but by no means least a great variety of volunteers and visitors who make our daily lives very fulfilled. I also have to mention our staff who work very well under my supervision and are all very proud to be involved in The GLO.

Mercy & Gracie

Working at Glo is very interesting and I can say I am the lucky one, for I have full support in any areas where I need a help through the founders themselves and their large circle of friends and family who are always there to help in different ways. Mama Jane during her fourth visit in 2012 to The GLO has helped so much with our Operations Manual and Care Plans, this was one particular area where we needed guidance. Lorraine, Papa Kevin’s niece, set up “The Learning Space Playgroup” for our pre-school children which has been a godsend to the Mamas & Aunties as these toddlers are often very boisterous and difficult to handle. That is just two examples of how we have progressed in 2012 by the input of the very experienced and hardworking volunteers that come to help us during the year. Unlike many other projects who only have younger volunteers, Mama Mary always tries to encourage older people to volunteer as well and it works very well.

Mercy dealing with jiggers

I cannot give an exact breakdown of my working day at the orphanage as it is so varied, I might be attending a CCI Meeting in the morning and then have to bring an unwell child to the hospital when I return but this is my job and I enjoy every minute of everyday although most days I am so busy I do not even realise it is 8.00pm and then I get told off by the founders for not going home on time but The GLO is my life and my extended family.

Happy Days

I give my much and many thanks to you all for your generous support towards the GLO, without this support my job would be impossible and The GLO Family would not be so healthy & happy.

May God Bless you all who have volunteered at The GLO during 2012, May God Bless each & every person who has given a donation to The GLO during 2012 and finally May God Bless the Staff & Children at the orphanage who are living a very secure life because of you all believing in our project.

2012 Kilifi CCI's

Have a blessed Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year


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