Abdalla is our oldest child at the GLO, along with his siblings Suomo, Salim & Hamisi he arrived at the GLO after his mother died giving birth, he is a lovely boy who worked on farms to get food for his siblings following his mothers death. Although Abdalla is about 15 years old he has not attended school for very long but as you can see from this account of St Bernadette Mary Summer Camp he is progressing very well in his written English and is a hard working, kind young man. He is not afraid to help Margaret on the Shamba and we are very honoured to have Abdalla as our oldest boy within the walls of The GLO.

Abduallah on the Shamba

On the 5th November we started our school summer camp, this was ever school summer camp.. We started our acting on Monday Morning. From first lower class which started from KG1 to Class 3 right through to the upper classes we started singing songs. that day I was very happy as a king.

mixed volleyball.jpg

The teachers also were playing football with the pupils. We had a short day which started at 7.30 to 12.30 afternoon. For these three weeks we have not done anything at school that we usually do but I was very happy to be enjoying ourselves at our first school summer camp.

kids competitive relay.jpg

My favourite activity was running a long distance like one hundred meter.

Sylvester relay run.jpg

As we closed on 23/11/12 for Christmas holiday, I was very happy to have enjoyed myself and I will never forget my very first summer camp at St Bernadette Mary School.

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