Christmas 2012 was a very exciting time at The Good Life Orphanage especially as our founders Mama Mary & Papa Kevin were spending Christmas here in Kenya. Also we had special visitors from Ireland, Pat & Marie who had visited us in February made a surprise appearance at our Christmas Day celebrations. We were very happy to have our good GLO friends Evan and Diane celebrate Christmas with us. Thanks to a very generous donation of 50kg of Rice from Evan & Diane and a further donation by Margaret & Margaret for the food and sodas for the day we were ready to start celebrating.

Seasons Greetings

Auntie Domi with Michelle

We started our Christmas Day with prayers, then we all received a new outfit, many of the dresses for the girls were donated by our very good friends from the U.S.A., Brooke and Sarah. The boys clothes came from our generous donors in the UK. Auntie Dorothy had painted the girls nails as a special Christmas treat although Jack also asked for his to be done which was greeted with howls of laughter from the other children. Both Patrick and Jack looked very smart in their jackets and were named the Two Pastors.

Naomi, Gracie, Roisin & Brenda

Mwaka, Chabetty & Solomon

Next was the highlight of the day, a very unique presentation of The Nativity Play (Kenyan Style). Adbullah played Joseph and Mary was played by Annie Njeri, the majority of the children all had parts including an excellent performance by Kanoti as King Herod. It was very unlike the usual performances Mama Mary, Papa Kevin and our guests were used to especially a reenactment of The Massacre of the Innocents.

Joseph & his donkey

Mary with the Baby Jesus

King Herod aka Kanoti

Mama Jane worked very hard putting together this production along with Mama Lucy. We finished off our singing and dancing with Papa Kevin joining in our presentation of the new born Baby Jesus.They received a standing ovation from the very enthusiastic audience.

Papa Kevin joins the celebrations

Next was the time for giving and receiving gifts. Both Mama Mary & Papa Kevin instill in each & every child at the orphanage respect for the staff who look after them and it was decided that this year the staff would receive their presents first as a very special Thank You for the dedication and compassion that they show us on a daily basis by taking such good care of us. Every member of staff received a small present presented by Pat & Marie, there was much excitement and the children cheered when their House Mama & House Aunties went up to collect their gifts.

Pat & Marie give Mama Domi & Auntie Grace from Maguire House their presents

Madam Mercy receives her Christmas Present

As Madam Dorothy and Tito arrived with the pilau we knew we were in for a special treat, the food smelled amazing but there was still the small matter of all the children receiving their presents.

Auntie Dorothy and Tito transport the Pilau

Evelyn receives her present.JPG

Luckily the majority of toys and clothes were donated in the UK and brought out to Kenya by our founders so each and every children had a present which was donated with love to our project. Auntie Dorothy had wrapped every present and Madam Mercy gave the presents out. The children were amazed with the lovely gifts they received and sang Asante Sana in unison.

Frankie & Ali get their presents.JPG

Michelle with mama Domi.JPG

Then onto the Christmas Feast, we were joined by the children of the staff who work at the orphanage and as usual some of the local children joined us for a wonderful meal of Pilau, Kuku, Irish Potatoes and then cake. The older children made sure all the younger children were served their food and drinks before they enjoyed a scrumptious dinner.

Enjoying Christmas Dinner .JPG

Pilau, Kuku & Irish Potatoes.JPG

Its was a brilliant end to a perfect celebration of the Birth of Jesus, we all realise at the GLO nothing is possible without the generosity of our donors, the dedication of our staff and the determination of our founders & trustees. Asante Sana to everyone for making a difference to so many.

The cattle are lowing Frankie & Gracie

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