Iddi Kahindi is a Kg2 student at St Bernadette Mary School while William Nyambu is their neighbor at home. On 29th December 2012 at around 4pm after the mother came from her daily casual work she was preparing black tea for the family as their days supper. Whilst the tea was brewing the mother of four left her child Iddi and the neighbour’s child in the kitchen as she was busy doing other chores. She heard loud crying and found both children had managed to get badly burnt with the scalding hot tea.

Little William

As the government hospitals had no nurses due to an ongoing strike, the family were forced to take the children to the nearby Oasis Clinic which is not free. The children had the burns dressed and had to buy a tube of cream costing 500/=kes (about £3.70) which is three days wages for the mother. The children were supposed to be taken to the hospital daily to get the dressing changed but due to the costs of 150/=kes per day per visit it was impossible for them to manage to pay this amount so the children only managed to visit twice from the accident until they contacted the school for assistance as Iddi was unable to return to school on the 8th January and young William was in considerable pain.

Iddi & William come for help

William in pain

On Mr Pius’ instructions George visited the family immediately and Mercy arranged for them to attend Oasis Clinic the following morning. The nursing staff were very upset to see how much pain the children were in as they said if they would have had the daily dressings done the wounds would be nearly healed. They have now been attending the clinic daily for treatment and after the nursing staff showed the the children’s parents knew how to look after the wounds, we have seen a marked improvement this week.

Iddi with madam Paolo

Iddi has now returned to school and under the watchful eye of Mr Pius, Madam Paolo and the team they will ensure his wound is kept clean and that they still continue with the regular visits to the clinic. None of this would be possible without the generous donation from D.A.F.A. , Asante Sana

iddi's burn

This again highlights just how important both the orphanage and school are to the impoverished community surrounding the project, every donation we receive makes a massive difference and in this instance spared these two children from even more pain & discomfort.

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