As with all organisations we found ourselves in late December 2012 needing to recruit two new members of staff, David our Farm Manager/Driver had moved onto pastures new and Dorothy our administrator was to share her position between the orphanage and school. Alan mentioned a good friend of his Abbas who was seeking employment and as soon as he was interviewed by Mr Pius, Madam Mercy Kevin & Mary he was offered the position, all were very impressed with his manners and forward thinking ideas for developing the Shamba.

Mr Pius & Abbas

Abbas has to live at the orphanage as he is on call 24/7 should a child become ill or other emergencies occur, on meeting his wife Vikki we realised that her organisation and administration skills could not be ignored so luckily we were able to offer her a job within the project as well. They have now settled into life at The GLO and we are very pleased to have such a caring and compassionate couple working at The GLO.

Vicki & Mercy

Here is their thoughts on working at the orphanage and school:

“When we first arrived at the orphanage we were overwhelmed with the immense love the children show to strangers. We were a bit worried with how the children would react to us, but in just a short while little by little they became more relaxed with our presence,they smile at you from the moment you step on the pavement heading to their respective homes, your face would automatically light up once you hear them calling out your name to greet you with respect and adoration. The children can make one forget all the worries of the world with their tender and sweet gestures from a genuine and innocent smile from Lawrence to a tantrum by Tim(while suckling his thumb) and Allan(rolling on the floor) to the ever playful Ali and Moses.

Vicki checks the files

The children are lucky they have found a pack of fairy godmothers and fathers from Mama Mary and Papa Kevin, the Glo staff,school teachers to the donors,sponsors and volunteers who are working extremely hard to uplift their lives, for the horrible scars the children face to be bad dreams left behind.


Our hopes and aspirations for our careers and life at Glo is that we become imprints in the children’s lives just like Dr. Haim Ginott’s quote “children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression” hopefully the time spent at Glo shall be rewarding for us all. Insha’Allah.
إن شاء الله (Allah willing).”

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