By Pius Muthoka – Head Teacher

We would like to thank God for the care and enablement. The first term of this academic year 2013 began on a high note. On 7th January 2013, the teaching staff held a meeting to plan,strategize and brainstorm on the way forward 2013. The following morning our first day of the new school year began with a mass led by Fr. Moses from Mtwapa Catholic Church. This was meant to thank God and begin all activities of the term with the spiritual nourishment to all. Mary and Kevin were in attendance.

Father Moses with the school stole from Guardian Angels

Papa Kevin, Madam Pauline & Mama Mary with our new KG1 Class

It was the first day in school for the Kindergarten level one pupils. Smartly dressed in their school uniform. They walked majestically in their class to meet their class teacher Madam Pauline. Some unaware of what it was all about cried when their parents left them in school. They have now all settled and are enjoying school life.

Madam Paolo, Mama Mary, KG2 & KG3

As a way of motivation and capacity building. On the 12th January 2013. The staff from the school and Goodlife orphanage were treated to a dinner by Mary and Kevin at Pride inn Beach Hotel.
This played a major boost to the staff who felt more energized to help the pupils both in school and the orphanage. We have no photos of our celebration but can confirm that both Mary & Alan did join us on the dance floor whilst Kevin just looked on.

Ready to celebrate Mass

The school population has been on the increase. St Bernadette Mary School is the dream school for the poor and young Kenyans in Mtepeni area, Kilifi County. It is the only standard and classic school in matters;hygiene, facilities, professionalism and no payments are made at all.Our current population at the school is 324 pupils which is a testimony of the dedication of our donor family,founders, trustees and staff who have vowed to make St Bernadette Mary a huge success and a oasis of learning amid the poverty that surrounds the school.

Madam Sharon introduces herself

The highly dedicated and self motivated team of fourteen teaching staff and seven support staff work tirelessly to ensure that the pupils realize their full potential not only academically but in co – curricular activities and talent realization.

Mr Pius & Madam Sharon distribute the books.JPG

New exercise books

It was joy and jubilantion on the 5th February 2013 as all the pupils were given their games kit in respect to their houses. Each house associates itself with a particular animal among the big five.
Red House/Elephant, Blue House/Leopard, Yellow House/Buffalo, Green House/Lion

PE Kits with Kevin .JPG

The games kits have really increased the pupils morale in participating in co- curricular activities which was a challenge before, as they had to attend games in their school uniform. We thank all those who made it possible and may God bless you.

Teachers in PE Kits.JPG

The learning of the pupils will be affected this term due to the elections scheduled for the 4th March 2013. A one week break has been set a side since most of the schools are used as polling stations. In the event of a run-off, the schools will have to close again to pave way for the re-run.

However, we have the activities for the term as follows

8th Jan 2013 – Opening date/ Opening mass
15th / 17th Jan 2013 – Welcome back exam
20th / 22nd Feb 2013 – Mid term exam
1st March 2013 – Pupils break for half term
7th March 2013 – Pupils report back to school
19th March 2013 – Kindergarten parents briefing
20th March 2013 – Class 1 to Class 3 parents briefing
21st March 2013 – Class 4 to Class 6 parents briefing
22nd March 2013 – Class 7 & Class 8 parents briefing
26th March 2013 – Zonal Athletics
29th March 2013 – Divisional Athletics
2nd April 2013 – District Athletics
2nd – 4th April 2013 – End term exam
7th – 8th April 2013 – County Athletics competition
11th April 2013 – Closing day/ Closing mass
12th April 2013 – Parents meeting / Report picking

School Pupils at years 1st Assembly

“If you don’t like something, change it. And if you can’t change it, change your attitude”

May God bless you all


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