A good start of year 2013 with very important things done at the Good Life Orphanage & I welcome your all to the helm!

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Trustees Meeting:
Year 2013 started very well with very important things to be done which made The GLO have a good start to 2013. We had our 1st Trustees Meeting in early January where new members joined us. We are now very happy to have Father Gabriel Dolan, Penina Kamau, Pius Mothoka & Mr Faida onboard. The will make our Board of Trustees even stronger and what better way to start the year than breaking the ground on the site of our new Transition House.

Transition House 25/01/13 - 02

Staff Meeting:
All the staff are very happy as they are witnessing the foundations being laid for our new Transition House. As we held our first meeting of 2013, every member of staff promised to work hard this year and put a 100% commitment into each & every day they spend at The GLO. To ensure all our paperwork is up-to-date, everyone brought their legal documents as required by the Department of Children as we are getting our Registration Certificate renewed. All produced valid Good Conduct Certificates, Medical Health Certificates and current Passport photos.

Ash Wednesday

GLO Certificate:
It is unbelievable that our Registration Certificate is up for renewal, times passes very quickly when you are happy in your work. After our trustees meeting all the requirements needed for the renewal were checked & approved including our seventy-seven page Operations Manual before being submitted to the offices in Kilifi. This was followed by a rigorous inspection by the Children’s Department of our office, files, houses and last but my no means least our children. During this inspection they commented that, ”These people in their hearts really want to help,(referring to Mama Mary and Papa Kevin). This is shown by what they have done and what they are still doing. They are good people! God bless them”.
I could tell they were happy with what they found and as we speak we are awaiting the renewed certificate.

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We had been very concerned for a long time about siblings being separated on admission to CCI’s with this topic being discussed at length by our trustees. A few days later after voicing our concerns, our new admission was three siblings two girls and a boy. The two girls were to go in an Orphanage where only girls are taken care off and the third one a boy was to come to GLO but luckily it was decided that they remain together as their Mama is very ill and it would have been too traumatic for them to be separated. It still remains a worry for us as we have children whose siblings are placed in other orphanages nearby even though we have places available to ensure the families remain together. At the moment George is currently liaising with the DCO in nearby Mombasa as there are two orphans who need a home urgently and could be part of our ever increasing GLO Family.

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We have been blessed with visitors during January and February. Christine and Midge stayed in a hotel on the north Coast and came to the GLO during the day to volunteer. We were very sad to say Goodbye to them when the time came for them to go back to their homeland but we had to do so. We did a small farewell party at the orphanage and the children enjoyed the drinks, cakes & snacks. We also had a impromptu visit by “The Dream Team” who donated wonderful gifts and food, we are eagerly awaiting their return as they have promised to come and spend a day playing with the children.

Donation 03

We also said a sad farewell to Mama Danielle & her family who returned to the UK this week, we will miss them as they visit us often and are part of our GLO Family.

Lawrence & Danielle

To where we are now, I give my much and many thanks to you all for your generous support towards the GLO,
May God Bless you all who have generous support at the GLO this year 2013, May God Bless each & every person who has given a donation to the GLO during this short time of 2013 and finally May God Bless the Staff & Children at the orphanage, hope to go far than this in this year 2013.

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