Following a call to Mercy our Manager,we knew we needed to act fast to assist two young brothers whose mother Lulu was just about to be admitted to a rehab clinic as she has urgently needs help. The boys arrived at The GLO along with their mother and her counsellor.The two children have been living on the street for some time with their Mama and although they were hungry & tired, they appeared to be in good spirits.

Lulu with Nibal & Omar

Nibal's First Meal

Nibal is just over four years old and Omar is eleven months old, after a bath and a change of clothes, Nibal was so happy to see a plate of food and devoured it in a few minutes. The children in Flynn House looked on in wonder as they are not allowed to eat their food so fast. Both children settled in right away, it was easy to see they are used to being left alone for long periods which is very dangerous when living on the street as these children have been doing.

Auntie Christine welcome the children

Mama Jane, Auntie Christine and the children in Flynn House made them very welcome and we soon realised that Nibal is a character. After putting on his new school uniform on Monday morning he could not wait to get to school and made his way to KG1 without any guidance. We can see him quickly affirming his place in both the school and the orphanage

Nibal goes to School

Knowing the children are in a safe environment we hope their mother will progress with the rehabilitation programme she has been sponsored on and that the family will be reunited very soon but in the meantime they will receive a high standard of care and education that is the ethos of The Good Life Orphanage & St Bernadette Mary School.

Nibal joins KG1

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