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Chrissi & Midge’s Message – The Good Life Orphanage

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Our visit to the GLO was shorter than we would of liked but it was one of the most fulfilling experiences we have shared. We never could’ve imagined the pleasure we would get from cleaning floors and scrubbing clothes every day, we wish we were back there right now.

Happy Days @ The GLO with Chriss & Midge

Meeting the most amazing children, connecting with them through play, with their enthusiasm and outlook they have on life makes you want to work as hard as possible to help them. It has been almost 2 months since we returned home but not a day goes by where we do not think about them. The children were the happiest, most well-mannered and content children we have ever met in our lives, where in reality they have nothing but themselves. Every single child we met has a story worth learning, and they are exceptionally grateful for every little thing. We all take life for granted, but seeing these smiling faces everyday made us see our world through a different light.

Happy Days @ The GLO with Chriss & Midge
Moses, Midge & Christine.JPG

Just having been able to make a small difference by working at the orphanage and to share our time with them, was so incredibly rewarding. It was one of the most genuine experiences of our lives and it means the world to us that we can and will continue to help and support them.

Happy Days

Not only were the children amazing, but the staff there also and we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all the GLO staff for taking such good care of us during our time there, the quality of what you are doing is shining through in these wonderful children.

Happy Days

We miss the children so very much and cannot wait to return.

Chrissi & Midge

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