With sixty mouths to feed at The GLO, 23 staff to pay and the associated daily running costs, at the end of each month we are often faced with dilemma, what is the most urgent and needs paying when we receive Mercy’s budget proposal? Thankfully we have great friends and supporters like Mary Griffin who agree to compete in the Wilmslow Triathlon on Sunday 12th May with all money raised going to The GLO, here is some photos and Mary’s account of the day.

I can’t believe it I have woken up at 4.15am and it is Sunday 12th May 2013 and it’s the day of my Wilmslow Sprint Triathlon…….. What have I let myself in for. The weather seems to be OK my stomach is doing somersaults and hopefully at the end of it I will have completed my challenge and raised some money for my chosen charity The Good Life Orphanage. Breakfast eaten, bag packed and bike in the back of the car off we go with my family in tow and with my best friend Maria following me and Rob in her car we set off at 5.30am to Wilmslow Leisure Centre.

Getting Ready

I have arrived at the Wilmslow Leisure Centre and there is a lot of people getting ready putting their tattoo’s on tri-suits, swim suits etc and there is a buzz of excitement, nerves, anxiety from all the people. As you can see I was given the number ‘666’ what a number just hope I am not carrying the devil round the course with me as trust me no extra weight is needed at this point!

Ready for Action

My bike has been set up at the transition station with all my things and its time to get real. Off I change into my swimsuit and hat (not loving this look) and it is time for hugs and kisses with the family and Maria and off I go with butterflies in my stomach to begin my challenge. First phase 400m swim.


The swim is over and its full steam ahead, quick dry, quick change and I am running with my bike to start off on my 24.2k bike ride and as you can see from my hat and the state of me its going to be a long journey!!

Mary on her bike

I’m back to Wilmslow Leisure Centre, I have dumped my bike and helmet and I am now off on my 6.3k run what have I let myself in for oh well here goes nothing.

Crossing the line

Oh My God is that the finish line I see……Yippee I did it I finished the race in one piece. I am then able to end the race with a smile on my face and run into the arms of my family and best friend Maria. What a day, what an achievement I am proud that I did it and also that I have raised a lot of money for ‘The Good Life Orphanage’ £1165.00 and the total is still going up.

The T-Shirt !!

Without people like Mary supporting us it would be an impossible task but thanks to Mary’s hard work & dedication and every single person who sponsored her in this amazing achievement we are able to continue giving our 60 children a life they could only dream about, the chance to a good education and making a massive difference to their lives

Asante Sana xxx

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