By Mercy
On Tuesday 30th April 2013 at around 2:00 pm,I received a call from our Kilifi DCO asking for a temporary placement at The GLO for 10 days old baby boy who was at kilifi Hospital and urgently needed assistance. We set of for Kilifi Hospital calling into the DCO on the way through. This was indeed a very sad & needy case and made me very glad that we could help this poor mother and child.

Mercy thanks the nurse for the care

Mike was born on 20th April 2013, the mother Emily delivered at home in Maweni Mtwapa but bled intensely which led her to Kilifi Hospital. After being admitted they found a retained placenta and also very serious wounds as a result of childbirth,the placenta was then removed but she was very ill so they gave her an emergency blood transfusion as well, Emily is a very sick mama.

Mercy meets our new addition

They also discovered an ulcer on her leg which had been for a long time without healing and suspected she could be diabetic. Unfortunately due the severe pain she has been in for a prolonged period, it appears to have affected her mental state. With this problem, the mother has become a danger to herself and especially her newborn baby. Therefore after an assessment by the psychiatric team it was decided the baby needed to be placed in a safe environment until they see how Mama Emily progresses.

Mercy brings Mike from the hospital

In my opinion according to what I have saw in the maternity wing when picking the baby, it is a very,very sad situation. Neither the husband nor the grandmother understands the severity of the situation and wanted to leave immediately as they were scared of Emily, instead of supporting her and the baby they thought something strange has happened during the birth and are very wary of the baby boy. The only family member who was willing to help was Emily’s six year old daughter, she was very worried about her mother and newborn baby brother.

Karibu Mike to The GLO

Thank God the baby is now at The GLO, he is safe and a new member of the Kilroe House. Mike now makes the number of our children to be sixty (60).

Mike arrives in Kilroe House

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