Since arriving at The GLO on 02/05/08 badly burnt and according to medical reports unable to see, Roisin has had a very special place in the hearts of the staff and anyone who has visited our project. She was so tiny and after being left in a skip in the hot Kenyan sun had very serious burns, here she is in Mama Mary’s arms just about two weeks old on the day we picked her up from Coast General Hospital.

The Good Life Orphanage - 02/05/08

Roisin always has a smile on her face, over the past five years we have build up a rather large collection of photographs of her taken by visitors / volunteers. Last year her best friend Kay Kodogo was adopted and although Roisin missed her very much at first, she quickly returned to the happy girl we came to know & love.

Kay & Roisin looking cute

So it was with a heavy heart we said goodbye to Roisin as she joins her new family for the second stage of the bonding process required by Kenyan Law as part of adoption. The adoption papers are presented in full to our GLO Trustees who approve the adoption and the whole process begins. Mama Fatma’s request to adopt Roisin was approved 26/3/13 at the trustees meeting and she then began visiting the orphanage where our social worker ensured that both Roisin and Mama Fatma appeared very content in each others company.

Farewell to Roisin

After a series of supervised visits by Mama Fatma the next stage of the adoption process was approved and on Friday 10th May, Roisin left our orphanage to join her new family for a three month bonding period away from the GLO. After a noisy and upbeat farewell from The GLO staff and children, she then went to say goodbye to her much loved teacher, Madam Paula and Mr Pius.

Roisin says goodbye to Mr Pius

Leaving the GLO

All the teachers agreed they were very sorry to see Roisin going but also were very thankful that she now has a new family who will provide for her with love, care and enhance her life even more. Mercy and Mama Jane accompanied Roisin to her new home, again they were sorry to say goodbye but we have to be very grateful that people are keen to adopt our children from The GLO as they are so healthy and well cared for.

Roisin in her new home

We thank Mama Fatma for making the massive commitment to adopting Roisin, we wish both of them health and blessing in their future life together and we will always remember Roisin as a very special little lady xx

little roisin.jpg

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