Report by Games teachers:
Mr. Paul Mboya Matheka and Md. Elizabeth Kanini.

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb”


After our school fared well in the second round of the games competition, we were faced by a more challenging level (Round 3). This took place on 28th May 2013. St. Bernadette Mary’s School was represented by 5 pupils.
• 4 girls – Football
• 1 boy – Volleyball
The five pupils played with a lot of determination and by the end of the day 4 pupils were selected to join the team that will go for the zonal games competition at Shaurimoyo on 30th May 2013. Out of the 4 pupils 3 are girls footballers and 1 is a boy volley baller. We have high hopes that the four will qualify to join the team that will go for the divisional games competition.


Then on the 30th of May at the Divisional Ball Games competition we realised that this indeed was the ‘mother’ of all competitions. Over twenty schools had been represented and the new but tough St. Bernadette Mary’s School was not left behind.


The competition was extremely tough. The local and national media were represent. After a long day. Grace Kenga a pupil in class seven at St. Bernadette Mary’s School was selected to the team that will proceed to the next level on Thursday, 6th, June 2013. This being our first attempt, we can only see the future been brighter for the learners at St. Bernadette Mary School.

Grace Kenga 01

We thank all pupils who participated, those who cheered. Teachers who participated in different disciplines. The head teacher for moral and enthusiasm of asking us to sojourn on. Mary, Kevin and Brendan and the family for financial support.
The sky is the limit.

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