Since the opening of St Bernadette Mary School we have found the attitude of the pupils from the nearby Mtepeni area very welcoming, helpful and above all very appreciative for the chance they have now to obtain a good education. Mr Paul who is the GLO pupils co-ordinator at St Bernadette Mary School initiated a “Volunteers club” at the school, this group of volunteers will be actively helping our community in different areas. The first of these roles was helping at GLO on Saturday. It will a very exciting day for both the pupils from St Bernadette Mary School and our children at The Good Life Orphanage.

Volunteers Club

Here is our group of very keen workers with Mr Paul and Madam Paula, both teachers are very active within the school during the week so we are very grateful they organised this at the weekend as an extra-cirriculum activity to enhance the children’s social conscience by helping others.

Working on the Shamba

Tidying Play area

They participated in different departments, working on the Shamba, clearing the play area and thoroughly cleaning the remainder of the compound. The House Mamas were very glad to have the extra help in conducting the house chores.

Preparing Lunch

Making Chapatis

Our girls at the GLO enjoyed the interaction with the older pupils from the school and were amazed to see just how gifted the girls were in platting hair, we now know we have future hairdressers within our school.

Time to plait

A Tasty Lunch

The volunteers all enjoyed a tasty lunch which they helped to prepare, and its was a nice gesture from the orphanage that we could provide the teenagers with a good meal. It is always good to eat and talk together.

Enjoying lunch

A special thanks to our GLO Preteen Group, our SBM Volunteers Group and Mr Paul & Madam Paula for arranging the first of many days of this nature we are sure and we look forward to their next visit.


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