With so many children to attend to, we are at 61 now, the Mamas & Aunties do not have any free time so you can imagine their joy when Diarmuid and Oli offered to take the children over the the recreation centre for an afternoon of colouring!

Oli leads the colouring

Are they listening Diarmuid

The children also were very excited at the prospect of showing our volunteers just how artistic they are, all were vying for the best seat next to Oli & Diarmuid and it appears Naomi and Edna were in prime position. The children are so creative and have now realised that the majority of our volunteers are all gifted in different ways so they just love interacting with them. Its very evident from these photos just what an enjoyable experience they are all having.

Oli supervises

Happy Days

After a busy afternoon with the children all showing their talents and Oli & Diarmuid keeping all in order, a quiet hour is planned now with a DVD to watch as a reward for their hard work and good behaviour.

Mammoth Colouring

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