This blog has been written by Paul Robinson, from The Robinson Family who own The Mulberry Busy Nurseries here in Bury, Lancashire

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The children and staff at the four nurseries in the Mulberry Bush Nursery Group participated in their annual charity event in May 2013 and were asked to raise sponsor money for dressing up in Rainbow colours. The extremely successful charity event involved over 500 children aged from birth to five years having great fun whilst dressing up and helping others.The nursery group has held an annual charity event for the last twenty three years raising more than £80,000 for over 45 different charities. This year the £6429.18 will be donated to The Good Life Orphanage. The orphanage was set up by Mary and Kevin Maguire who live in Bury and have built and continue to maintain the Good Life Orphanage in Mombasa, Kenya which cares for over 60 orphaned children. 100% of donations go directly to the project.

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Mulberry Bush have supported the orphanage since 2008 and have set up ongoing links so that the children and their parents can see exactly how the money is helping. The nurseries plan to continue the relationship with the orphanage in the years to come. The nursery proprietors have been so impressed by the work done by Mary and Kevin that they promised to donate an extra £1 for every £5 raised by parents. This took the initial total from £5357 to an amazing £6430!

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The Mulberry Bush Nursery Group was awarded Ofsted’s highest ‘Outstanding’ rating at each of its four nurseries in the last four months of 2011. Its nurseries in Tottington, Walmersley, Walshaw and Whitefield nurseries were all inspected by Ofsted and all four were judged to be ‘Outstanding’ in every area of Ofsted’s inspection criteria and we are very happy to support The Good Life Orphanage.

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