Blessed was the first day I set my foot to the GLO, every thing looked strange but it took me very few days to realise I’m at a very unique place. I had never been to this place and had very little or no expectations in my life working near Mtwapa. The little I knew about Mtwapa were the stories I used to see in the news about the immoral acts happening within this area. I Didn’t know that there were precious projects like GLO existing until the day I heard about the Social work job vacancy!

Uncle Hemed 04

When I received the phone call confirming my new job after the interviews, I was extremely happy but had some concerns of the new environment. Fortunately, things really went more than I anticipated, I was given a VERY WARM WELCOME by all the staff and the children. All the children were very charming and friendly with big smiles. The Mamas, Aunties and everyone are very friendly and welcoming and so to say, were more than nice to me, such that during my first days had some hard time deciding which house I should take my lunch.

Uncle Hemed 05

It took me very few days to settle in my new job, and happy to say GLO is blessed with EXCELLENT staff and EXCELLENT children. I feel privileged being part of this organisation and blessings shall be to you all who make this project a success. Madam Mercy was of unique help enabling me to adapt quickly as she showed me my new tasks step by step making every thing very smooth.

Uncle Hemed & Lawrence

Working with the children is my passion and I feel more than lucky serving in this institution where every thing is well organised. If I were to rate all the places I have served, GLO would be my number one. Kudos to you Mama Mary and Papa Kevin all for the job well done! I feel this community is more than being privileged having such an institution in their territory and I believe all of them are appreciating your work.

Uncle Hemed 02

May God always guide us in this task of safeguarding, promoting and enhancing the rights and interests of our children. Thanks Mama Mary & Papa Kevin for your good work to our community and for giving me the chance to serve our children.

Uncle Hemed, Mama Lucy & the GLO Rugrats

May our hands always remain united.

Uncle Hemed.

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