In November this year we found ourselves back at the GLO, almost exactly two years since we were last there. This time we had bought along some new visitors, my sister, Mum and Dad. It was really exciting for me to show them the place and of course all the children who we have talked about so much over the past 6 years or so!


Mum getting cuddles

Lots of our friends and colleagues have volunteered over the past 2 years and we always feel a pang when they get back and tell us their stories and experiences –  making us want to be out there ourselves! This time round it was just a short trip so we had a few games and activities up our sleeves…which we decided to start during the hottest part of the day?!? The kids didn’t care obviously 🙂


Beej with the boys


For Kevin and I, it is always so rewarding (as cheesy as that might sound) to see how the kids are progressing and growing up. Especially when they are on our minds as we do various things to support the GLO back here in the UK but there’s just nothing like hanging out with them in person! There were lots of new faces to meet for the first time and we couldn’t help but remember those children we’ve known who have now gone on to be adopted and are thriving with their new families. While the kids might be growing up,  the personalities still shine through and  even though we know what’s being achieved, when we are there we still feel the impact of the project. It still amazes us that purely by giving them real security and a load of TLC the project and it’s people are making such a difference.



 It was also exciting to see the progression of the transition house which has been one the big focuses over the past 18 months, especially around fundraising.

So two years on there is so much has moved on and developed but the spirit within those four walls surrounding the blue roofed houses somewhere in the depths of Kikimbala remains a constant. As my in-laws often say….Happy Days!

Kevin Junior What's so funny?!

Asante Sana to all the staff and children as always for making us so welcome, until the next time.

Sejal & Kevin Junior (otherwise known as ‘Manchester’ to the kids!) xx

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