by Uncle Hemed

This Christmas was very special for all the GLO children, staff and our special guests from the less privileged families – everyone enjoyed to the maximum. We started our preparations a day earlier and all the children were glad to play different roles. We also had an extra helper, Papa Kevin who had to stay in Kenya over Christmas.

Papa Kevin helps prepare the food

Food Preparation

Our preteens played very important roles from the beginning up to the end. They helped in cooking and were involved in different tasks like sorting rice,cutting tomatoes and onions, cleaning and decoration of the T.V room. Papa Kevin was also not left behind and played different roles in cooking and carrying the food to the T.V room and also serving the children.

Abbas & Moses

Mama Harrison with her children in their new x-mas clothes

Thanks to the generous donation from Mike & Kay Flynn we were able to invite nearly thirty people from the nearby village who would otherwise not get a meal on Christmas Day, unfortunately they were not so sure about getting their photos taken but Mama Edna with her children were only too happy to pose in their new Christmas outfits which were a gift from the GLO along with a small Christmas Present.

Christmas Lunch Smaller Children

Village Children

We had different types of food that suit everyone’s taste and the main meal was Biriani. Those with allergies were able to get alternative food like fish,beans and chapati. After our lunch we had our x-mas cake and the best behaved children through out the year (Kanoti, Derick, Mercy and Hassan) were given the opportunity to cut the cake.

Christmas Cake

Margaret with gifts

We had thirty extra people from the village, two adults and twenty eight children. Then a further thirteen children joined us after we had taken our meals and they spent time playing in the recreation area and watch the Telly. All these children had the opportunity to eat a very delicious meal and receive some special gifts for Christmas. They also took some food home for their dinner.



The whole celebration came to a conclusion when the mamas issued gifts under the tutelage of madam Mercy and Mercy (From Keogh House) was the one who caught the crowd with her special gift of a huge doll which she cuddled with a big smile. Bridget (Our new admission) also got her x-mas clothes and a special gift.

Bridget receiving her x-mas gift


The floor was later opened and all the children joined in dancing to Christmas songs. The children were so happy with their gifts all donated by our supporters in the UK, also the boys just loved their new smart shirts that came all the way from Sri Lanka, all in all it was a most enjoyable day.

Dancing Time

Papa Kevin & Saidi

We will all remember Christmas Day 2013 for a long time and not just The GLO children also the local village children.

Abdulla with Tuk Tuk Shirt

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