We first met Hansey Andrew at our KG1 registration day on 21st November, he was one of the pupils shortlisted for an all important place in our school intake.

The Family Home

Uncle Hemed our Social Worker visited the home and found Hansey to be a very charming boy of around four years old. He comes from a family of four children and is the third born. As his father is a casual worker lucky to get a few days work each week and his mother is a house wife, they live a very impoverished life but the family seem to be very happy. The first born child is in Class three while the the second born is in Class two at Mtepeni Primary School where there are up to 80 children in each class. Although the parents struggle to pay for the two older children to attend the local government school they cannot afford to educate young Hansey. He had previously started going to one of the local schools but dropped out during the second term due to lack of school fees spending the majority of 2013 at home.

A Happy Family

Hansey’s father explained that he feels blessed on learning he was successful in the intake to St Bernadette Mary School as the headache of paying school feels will be over for their third child. They will be struggling to meet the other needs but realise that education is of the utmost importance to their family. The mother also added that she is very happy to see her child joining St’ Bernadette Mary School as he will get quality education just near the family home for free.

Hansey Andrew

Hansey wants to be a lawyer when he grows up, he is so happy to be joining our KG1 Class in January. Although his parents are very poor they are dedicated to educating their children and we know they will take advantage of this wonderful chance Hansey has to make a difference to their family by working hard at school.

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