What was your highlight of the 2013? It was a busy year, with Pope Francis, the royal baby and Edward Snowden to name just a few moments …

Mine was something much more personal – this year, my mum was named Catholic Woman of the Year.


There are many times when we feel a sense of pride at what our parents have created within the walls of The Good Life Orphanage and beyond.  What often strikes our friends and colleagues who meet mum or dad is the genuine passion and humble approach they have to the projects they work on and impact they are having.

We were so pleased that Father James Clarke had put Mum’s name forward to be considered to be nominated one of the Catholic Women of the Year. We went down to see her awarded  at the 45th annual luncheon here in London, alongside three other ladies, Mary Cahill, Rosaline Egan and Marjorie Parker, all of who were creating a positive impact in their own communities with varying projects.


I’m sure the children at the GLO and at St Bernadette’s & Mary’s school will join us in giving Mama Mary a big hug and share in our pride at your well deserved accolade!




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