Neema comes from a big polygamous family of twenty eight children as her dad married nine wives. Her mother is the seventh wife and the bread winner as her father died when Neema was young. She is the third born in a family of six children and her mother fends for them by doing peasant farming and selling fruits & vegetables in Kongowea Market.

Neema with her mother & two younger sisters

The first born child is a girl who got married at a very tender age because of the problems at home, the second born and the only male child dropped out of school when was in class six because of the lack of school fees and now does manual work. They are a very hardworking family and have a immaculate compound around their homestead.

Neemas' Home

The family are very proud of Neema as she is the only child from her mama who has completed Class 8 and we expect her do excel in her K.C.P.E Examinations. We asked the students should they be lucky enough to win the St Bernadette Mary Spirit Award what would they choose as a gift, Neema was very practical and asked for a pregnant goat as her father was a mixed farmer. Neema believes she can follow his footsteps and have a very big herd of goats in the near future. She plans to use the money she can make from breeding and slaughtering the goats to pay for the school fees of her two young sisters.

Neema 01

Neema is a very deserving winner of our Spirit Award, she embodies the ethos and mission statment of our school. We thank Eileen Fray for sponsoring this wonderful aspiring accolade and feel we have chosen the right student.

Spirit Award

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