After a rather fraught Registration Day at St Bernadette Mary School where over 500 pupils turned up for 40 places. We were then left with 274 children meeting certain areas of the entrance criteria, it was a difficult job wangling out the children pretending to be poor, the children well over the age threshold for KG1 and last but my no means children from up to 40km away willing to relocate into the area in order to get an education at St Bernadette Mary School.

Crowds gathering awaiting registration

The next part of the process was to ensure the most needy children got the coveted place, Uncle Hemed and Mr Franklin carried out home visits after Madam Mercy checked the names and the locations of their homes. It is not unheard of for families to pretend they live in bad houses with no money just to get a free education. We are confident that the children picked for the 30 KG1 children and an additional 10 places throughout the other classes are all needy and deserve the places, here are the stories of three of the children who have been successful

Twins Hafidh & Sakina
Hafidh Nduni and Sakina Nduni are twins born by a mother who got pregnant while in class three. They were born through caesarean birth and are now four years old but unfortunately neither parent is able to care for the children.

Khafidh & Sakina with their auntie

The children were infected by jiggers as their grandmother could not offer good care to them because of her age. This forced their aunt to feel very sorry for them and although she already has five children she welcomed her nephew & niece into her already impoverished family. She is very thankful for this golden chance Hafidh and Sakina have got and has assured us she will try to support them in their quest to be a teacher and a nurse.

Khafidh & Sakina

Lucas Mwangome
My name is Lucas Mwangome Muye from Mtepeni. I am a total orphan and the only child from a single mother. I thank my mother who used to take good care of my grandmother and I before she passed away after suffering for a very long time. Problems are natural part of human beings but since the day she left me, I have undergone a lot that I think there is no exam I can fail in this life.I dropped out of school when I was in class six and lost almost all the hopes I had in my life. I started walking all around our village trying to look for some help, sometimes I was given a days employment earning about 150/=kes(£1.20). I eagerly wanted to continue with my studies but had no school fees and no one wanted to lend a hand. My stomach was always rumbling but there was nothing I could do because the breadwinner had passed away.

Lucas' Home

My mother gave birth to me on 19th June 1995, I thank my lord for keeping me alive up to this time with my elderly grandmother. I also thank God for giving me a talent of singing; I will work extra harder to achieve my goals. Last but not least, I won’t forget to share with you that I am good at football and volleyball. I again thank you for giving me the chance of getting good education for free at St Bernadette Mary School
May God bless you all.

Lucas with his elderly grandmother

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