During 2013 we have had fifteen children pass through our GLO gates, four have been reunited with their parents or extended families, one sadly passed away Yusuf and the remaining ten children now call The Good Life Orphanage their home. It is often difficult for the children to adjust to life within the orphanage but most settle within a few weeks as they now have food, shelter, education and the security of living within a family unit. Like all our staff Uncle Hemed is very dedicated to our children, he sees them all on a daily basis and during 2013 has got to know each & every child. Here is his reports on the progress of some of our new arrivals.

Marianne Zuberi is a beatiful baby girl of about six months who was denied by her mother since she was in the womb. Her mother attempted to kill her after birth by drowning her in a pool of dirty water but her plans didn’t work though as good samaritans rescued her. Later her mother abandonded her at the roadside as she has severe mental problems, Marianne spent her first two months of life in another home that lacked good facilities for infants hence was referred and admitted in GLO on 21st August by the courts in Kilifi weighing only 4kg.

Karibu Marianne 03

Since her admission she has been doing okay but has recently suffered from pneumonia and was admitted in Kilifi District hospital for six days. She successfully underwent treatment and was discharged on 25th November weighing a healthy 8.1kg. She is such a happy child now who always has a smile on her face as a result of the excellent care she receives in Keogh House at The Good Life Orphanage.

Marianne - Dec 2013

Joyce Shiroo Wanjiku arrived at The GLO in October, she was a sorry sight, wrapped in a soiled plastic bag serving as a nappy, Joyce was malnourished and although 2.7 years old only weighed 6.9kg. She also showed signs of severe physical abuse and needed help immediately.

Joyce at Mtwapa Police Station

Joyce Chairo

During the next few weeks we soon realised that this little girl was struggling to eat solid foods, she did not know how to use a potty and kept being sick. In spite of the excellent care she received at the orphanage, she contracted pneumonia and was admitted to Kilifi District Hospital where she stayed for a week. We realised at this stage just how poorly she was and were advised by the doctors that she may not survive. The doctors introduced a special diet which entails feeding her often but very small portions, she has been responding well now and is a healthy 8.6kg but we know she has to be watched very closely as this is still very underweight for a toddler her age.

Joyce today at the orphanage

Omar Abbas is a very charming boy aged about 1.6 years old. He was admitted in GLO on 13th January 2013 along with his older brother Nabil as his mother is an injecting drug abuser whom during the time of their admission was undergoing rehabilitation at MEWA rehabilitation centre. While Papa Kevin was picking up two other orphans from the DCO he heard of these children’s plight and agree to bring them to the GLO whilst the mother is undergoing treatment. On arrival at the orphanage we discovered that Omar was very weak and had delayed in all development milestones. He had a chronic fungal infection on his bottom but thanks to the medical care he received all has healed completely and he now has a clean bill of health.

Lulu with Nibal & Omar

Omar is now able to walk independently and learning how to talk, always shouts “unco” or Aunt whenever he spots any male or female adult. He attends our baby class and very cooperative in all activities. He is a very lovable child and enjoys getting cuddles from everyone.

Omar Dec 2013

Nabil Abbas is Omar’s older brother, he was born on the 11th September 2009 and is four years old. Although both Nabil & Omar lived on the streets with their mother, Nabil is a very kind and happy little boy. Since joining the GLO Family he has had no problems adjusting to life within the orphanage and excels in his work at St Bernadette Mary School.

Nibal & Omar - Dec 2013

Initially he did suffer with stomach pains but the doctors explained as he went without food for long periods of time, often days according to Nabil, his stomach had grown very small so again he has to eat often and small amounts. Nabil is looking forward to joining KG2 when he returns to school in January and although his Mama is in treatment we do envisage having these two lovely boys in our GLO Family for the forseeable future.

Nibal goes to School

As you can see from this blog without your help and support it would be impossible to give these children an alternative to a life of poverty and abuse, we are making a difference thanks to your generosity

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