A very Happy New Year to all our GLO Supporters, we have started the year very well and at the moment have 66 children in our orphanage, some of these maybe reunited with extended family but the majority will remain at the project.

The 1st of January was a reason for everyone to celebrate at The GLO as one of our oldest girls, Cynthia Chabetty received her First Holy Communion at the church in nearby Mtwapa. Papa Kevin accompanied a large group from the orphanage and after a long Mass ended up in Tuskys buying cake, popcorn and sodas for everyone to mark this auspicious occasion.

With Papa Kevin on-site the majority of the time, our older boys soon were taught how to clean a vehicle properly and also how to keep the compound tidy, as a reward for their hardwork all were taken to the nearby Cinemax Complex in Nyali where the management offered us a good discount on the tickets as we were an orphanage. The boys really enjoyed Frozen in 3D and are asking now what are their next chores as they are very keen.

During the month we rescued five more children, all these children have come from every poor and often abusive backgrounds but Uncle Hemed is working endlessly to see if the new additions can be reunited with their families. Little Habiba and Adam were taken to Mtwapa Police Station after a violent argument broke out between their parents and their mother ran away fearing for her life. We are now assisting her to get the children back as she is a good woman but lives in an appalling environment.

A day trip to The GLO on the 14th January for Sue & Anthony from Oswaldtwistle in Lancashire ended up with them accompanying Papa Kevin and Madam Mercy to pick up three children from Mtwapa Police Station. Brothers David & Branken had been abandoned and Naomi had been rescued by a village elder as she was living in a very volatile situation at home. All three children have now settled in at the GLO on temporary committal orders, Naomi has started school and is doing so well.

On the 18th January we all celebrated Maguire House Day and as Mama Mary had returned to Kenya this was a special day to us all at The GLO. Everyone enjoyed the day, all the children got cake, pilau and a small present for each child in Maguire House.

The only really downside of the month was Caleb falling from a shelf whilst he was trying to retrieve his socks, he was taken to Kanami Clinic where an x-ray showed a break in his arm, now he has six weeks of wearing a plaster in the searing heat, poor Caleb

Please visit our flickr page to see more great photos from January 2014 at The Good Life Orphanage

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