Never in our widest dreams could we every have envisaged getting the high scores our Standard 8 pupils achieved in their first ever K.C.P.E Examinations at St Bernadette Mary School. With our top scorer Phaustino getting 416/500 making him among the top 100 performing students in Kilifi County and a mean score of it 315 for the school overall, St Bernadette Mary School had arrived & was a force to be reckoned with.

Our next headache was to get our top performers into good schools, we would worry about financing this at a later date!! A very busy three weeks ensued but thankfully it was worth the effort, our four boys were heading to some of the best schools in Kenya.

Phaustino, Matano, Rhophas & Cosmos all set off with Teacher Stephen Kinyungu and SBM Caretaker Kennedy, the first three boys were heading to Kitale and Cosmos was going to Machakos. The boys were so excited as they boarded the Modern Coast Coach in Mombasa at 6am in the morning of 9th February 2014. Madam Sharon was on hand to wish the boys Good Luck in their new lives at secondary school.

Whilst Cosmos travelled only 380km to Machakos, the other three boys had to travel 865km arriving 28hrs later, it was a long & tiresome journey for the boys and Mr Stephen.

On arrival in Kitale Mr Stephen brought Matano and Rhophas to St Anthony’s Boys High School, luckily the boys have each other for support in what is a major milestone in their lives. To come from the rural area of Mtepeni and see the size of the administration block at St Anthony’s the boys were very impressed indeed.

Next was Phaustino arrival at St Joseph’s National School in Kitale, thankfully Eliot Powell & Karen Bateson have sponsored his education and seeing his new school brought a tear to Phaustino’s eye, he was amazed and so grateful to his sponsors for getting this chance.

Mr Stephen also felt very proud as he introduced a St Bernadette Mary pupil to such a prestigious school, God Willing Phaustino will do well at St Joseph’s and in 2015 we will have more pupils attending the school.

We will keep you all updated with the progress of our 1st crop of St Bernadette Mary School going to secondary school, education is something we in the west take for granted but it is a most precious gift on this side of the equator.

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