10th February 2014 was a very special day for the pupils and teachers of St. Bernadette Mary School. For the first time the pupils had the opportunity to elect their leaders as a way of exercising democracy in the school. Before the polling day everything was ready including the improvisation of the ballot boxes and ballot papers.

ballot boxes

Every contester appointed his or her agents to ensure that the exercise was free, fair and transparent.


At exactly 2.30pm a long queue was seen heading to the school cafeteria which was converted to a polling station.

Form an orderly queue

Here Said Karisa, a class four pupil, is being assisted to vote by Teacher Pauline.

Madam Pauline & Saidi

Votes to be counted

At the end of the election the counting process began. The agents were all eyes ensuring that no rigging took place.

A fair process

The pupils sat anxiously waiting for the results and more importantly to know their new leaders.

Putting their cases forward

Then the long awaited time arrived. Immediately the results were announced the supporters of the winning contesters started celebrating.

Head girl  & head boy plus their assistants

Juliet Mwachiru and Evans Tsuma, both in class Eight, are now the new school Head Girl and Head Boy respectively. Last year Evans was the assistant Head Boy while Juliet was the assistant Head Girl. This year Abdallah Chogo and Grace Karisa are the assistants of the two.

Our possible Prefects

Now the school prefect body consists of; The Head boy and his assistant, the Head girl and her assistant, the compound prefect and the assistant, two library prefects, the school timekeeper and two class prefects in each class.

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