Easter is a very special time in the Christian calendar & Easter 2014 proved to be a time for everyone to celebrate at The GLO, firstly the Resurrection of Christ and secondly the continuing good health of both the children & staff at the orphanage.

Celebratory Pilau

After returning from church the children were treated to a very tasty Pilau prepared by the House Mamas & House Aunties, everyone enjoyed the food and there were happy faces all around. It was wonderful to see Kevin tucking into a big plate of lunch under the watchful eye of Auntie Priscillar, he would have struggled to do this six months ago but now has progressed so well

Auntie Priscillar with Kevin

Following the lunch, everyone was ready for games and dancing, we have noticed that Mama Delrosa is a very active & willing participant in joining in with the children. She has plenty of competition with Evelyn, Angel and even little Shiroo who lead the dance moves everytime.

Mama Delrosa gets down

Easter Joy 02

As a treat Madam Mercy gave each child a lollipop and small packet of biscuits, we are very aware not to give the children too much as it would be unfair to shower them with gifts that the majority of Kenyan children do not get. We need to bring them up as close to their normal culture as possible so they can adapt for their adult lives when the leave the security of The GLO.

Treat time

Happy Faces

We were surprised to see Mudi near the front of the queue proving that he has been a very good boy lately and is working well at school also. It has taken a lot of dedication and hard work by our staff for Mudi to make this transformation from a very unhappy child to a young lad who is willing to engage in the day to day activities with the other children.

Mudi's been a good boy

Never one to shy away from joining in Madam Mercy then led the children in games, singing and dancing, what a way to celebrate the wonderful feast day of Easter Sunday.

Easter Joy 04

A big thank you to our sponsors/donors/fundraisers, you are making this possible by giving these children the chance to be children, together we are all making a difference.

Johnny, Omar & Adam

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