April the 24th was a very special day at The GLO as our children welcomed and spent the day with our V.I.P. guests. The GLO kids met with a group of fifteen children between 8 years to 12 years from Malindi Baptist Child Development Centre. These children come from poor families and are provided with basic needs at their home level. Their social worker, Bernard Makenzi, is a very close friend of mine so we thought all the children would benefit from spending the day together. The main aim of their coming to visit The GLO was to interact and offer spiritual guidance to our children who need to be aware of just how children living outside cope with the relentless hardship they experience daily.

Uncle Hemed does the grand tour 02

Uncle Hemed does the grand tour 01

We had a joint tour around our compound and our children had the chance to mingle with them and make friends. Each child had the chance to share some little information about their life and experiences in their respective homes.

Ali welcoming our guests

After the  tour we all settled at the learning space and our guests had some refreshments then the long awaited time came, our children had to lend their ears and listen to what their fellow children had prepared for them. Rachael started the session with a word of prayer and opening remarks to welcome the visitors. As always Ali was on hand to ensure the guests were looked after.

Uncle Hemed talks

Then the visitors started by presenting very lovely gospel songs and later readings from the Bible. The whole celebration was flavoured by special words from one of the 10 year old girls Salma who talked about the importance of respecting our parents basing her reference from the Bible. Everyone was touched by her special words that, “no one can ever pay the price of the care we receive from our parents and the best gift we can offer is by respecting them.” Every one was amazed by this girl’s preaching talent and all our children wanted her to stay with us.

Malindi Baptist Children visit

Bernard talk to the children

The whole session was later summarised by their social worker and we all bid them farewell as they head back home. A very heartfelt word of thanks to Bernard, Peter Katana their driver and the children for making the journey from Malindi to The GLO, it was an uplifting experience for our children as they enjoyed interacting and listening to the children from Malindi Baptist Child Development Centre. The visitors are a great example of youths who embrace life even through it maybe troublesome and not always perfect.

Mama Delrosa leads the singing

Hopefully we will be able to make this an annual event.

Welcome Malindi Baptist Centre Children

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