Mama Domi picks Halima up 03/05/13

Halima Shadau is an infant girl of about 2.5 months old who was abandoned on 3rd May by her mother who suffers from serious mental health issues. All during her pregnancy with baby Halima, Mama Rehema struggled with her circumstances as she already has two other girls and is living in terrible conditions resulting in her trying to commit suicide.

Baby halima's home

Welcome Halima 01

It was decided as the little baby’s life was the No1 priority the only avenue for the authorities was to place Baby Halima in our custody until Mama Rehema is well enough to care for the baby. She is currently receiving threatment for her condition and we wish her a speedy recovery. As you can imagine the welcome this little baby received when she arrive at was heartwarming to witness with all the Mamas, Aunties & children coming out to say hello.

Welcome Halima 02

Karibu Maguire House

Since arriving in Maguire House, Halima has thrived, now three weeks later Halima is healthy and very content, yesterday at the clinic we were told she has put on 1.1kg and is responding well to the medicine prescribed when she arrived at the orphanage.

Halima 22.05.14

We are aware that The GLO is the safest place for the baby at the minute as her mother is unwell but we will keep in contact with the siblings and hopefully reunite the family in the near future.

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