Drug & Child abuse are major problems all over the world with the two being very rampant on the Kenyan Coast. There are a number of major causes and among them are repugnant cultural practises, ignorance and negligence. One of the best remedies of the above is through empowering people with information and knowledge. Papa Kevin, Father Dolan and Sister Prisca felt that it was a great idea for all the GLO, SBM staff and upper primary pupils to attend a workshop with the two major problems being the centre of discussion.

Drug & Child Abuse Workshop 02

On the 17th May, 2014 was the day we had the workshop, all the participants assembled at the required venue which was at SBM by 8:45 am. We were divided into two groups, one group for the teachers & caregivers and the other one for the pupils. We had three facilitators, Father Dolan, Advocate Triza and Mr Solomon.

Drug & Child Abuse Workshop 03

Advocate Trizza took control of the staff group while the pupils were under Mr Solomon. Mr Kinyungu was the master of ceremony and started by welcoming our guests then a word of prayer followed from teacher Pauline. Informal introductions took place and our long awaited time came, Madam Triza took as through all the forms of abuse and how to respond in case of any incidence. We were also taught about Children’s rights and discussed on various challenges that we face as caregivers and teachers and the remedies to implement for an easier work environment.

Drug & Child Abuse Workshop 04

On the other side the pupils were empowered with information on drug and substance abuse. One of the touching statement our boys shared with me is that, “drug abuse shortens life span and alcohol kills a younger boy faster than a grown up man”. All the pupils were amazed to hear the life threatening facts about drug abuse and we believe they were taught more than they anticipated.

Drug & Child Abuse Workshop 01

The session came to a conclusion by some special words from Father Dolan and Sister Prisca. Mr Karanja gave his vote of thanks to our facilitators and all the participants, and Mama Christine closed the session with a word of prayer. We later assembled for our joint lunch every one feeling happy and empowered with special knowledge on child protection.

Drug & Child Abuse Workshop 07

The pupils enjoyed a special treat of Pilau for lunch whilst they discussed the topics covered during the workshop, they spoke about the importance of knowledge in this field at their age.

Drug & Child Abuse Workshop 08

Asante Sana Father Dolan and your team for the special knowledge you empowered us with.

Sister Prisca & father Dolan

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