As a result of the recent travel advisory warning we have had to cancel our volunteering scheme until further notice. Sadly ten of our volunteers who had planned to visit The Good Life Orphanage during June and July having to cancel their travel arrangements.

Ade's Donation from Sage

Ade has been a great supporter of The GLO and has visited on numerous occasions, with the help of his employers Sage Group we have had lots of donations from them including laptops, computers and stationary. We were very happy to see Ade arrive for a visit to The GLO, he had decided to travel to Mombasa as he already had visited the area many times before and wanted to see our new Transition House. Again Ade arrived laden with donations from Sage Group.

Karibu Ade

After saying Jambo to everyone at The GLO, St Bernadette Mary School and a guided tour of our new Transition House, Ade decided to us his extensive knowledge in IT and returned a few days later with all the materials needed to extend wifi into the new building.

Wifi installation at The GLO Transition House

The staff and children were so impressed with Ade’s handiwork that they decided to throw a birthday party in his honour, everyone really appreciates such dedication and support as Ade has given our project over the years.

Preparing for the feast

Lots of work went into the preparations including four cakes for our ever growing family, Ade was our guest of honour and joined in the celebrations including cutting the cakes. We even noticed a Manchester City Cake amidst the tasty treats.

Time to cut the cake Ade

Ade received some cake from Naomi as he is one of her sponsors, all the children received cake, sweets and soda, a very special treat indeed.

Ade with Naomi

A massive thank you to Ade for supporting our project, we wish him a very Happy Birthday and look forward to his next visit to The Good Life Orphanage & St Bernadette Mary School.

Mercy & Hemed at the helm

Happy Birthday Ade

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