Patrick Safari is a Standard 4 pupil in St Bernadette Mary School who lives in the nearby village. Since his birth, he has & is still undergoing many challenges in life. He is being cared for by an elderly grandmother who is struggling to provide the support that parents usually give their children.

Feet before treatment

Due to age factor and poverty the grandmother is unable to provide the basic necessities to Patrick, whilst he enjoys an excellent standard of education at St Bernadette Mary School life outside the school gates is far from easy for the boy and his grandmother. The teachers noticed him struggling to walk, on inspecting his feet they were surprised to see that he is infected with a severe case of jiggers which he has tried to hide from his fellow classmates.

Uncle Ken 01

Jiggers can cause disability if proper measures are not put in place and as our school has a role in the community to assist those in need we have a system in place for the treatment of this condition. Kennedy who is our Caretaker at the school has been trained to bathe the areas, remove the jiggers and then administer the ointment which he did to his usual high standards on Patrick’s jiggers.

Patrick's Jiggers 02

We wish Patrick quick recovery and the teachers will continue to monitor the other pupils to ensure Jiggers is eradicated at the school.

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