Halima is an infant girl of nearly three months old who came to our custody on 3rd May, 2014. As a HIV exposed baby she is being closely monitored and has weekly checkups in the clinic nearby.


Under the excellent care of Mama Domi and Auntie Juliet in Maguire House she is doing well but she does not like to take medicine, crying loudly whenever the syrup is poured into her mouth. In the past few weeks she has become a very good feeder and currently weighs 4.5 kgs. She is a happy & content baby always smiling to the mention of her name or when tickled on the cheeks.

halima with Aunt Juliet

Gerald 02

Our latest addition, Baby Gerald was brought to our custody on 6th June after being abandoned immediately after birth. He is under the care of Mama Christine and Aunt Stella in O’Malley House and currently weighs 3kgs. At the minute Gerald sleeps most of the day time sleeping and feeds during the night which is resulting in a very tired Mama & Auntie in the house.

Gerald withaunt stella

Due to the circumstances of his abandonment he had an infection of the umbilical cord which needed medical attention, thankfully this has now cleared up and he has become a good feeder enjoying his bottles. He is a big hit with the children in O’Malley House with Grace and Mary in particular paying him lots of attention as well.

Karibu Gerald

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