We are often amazed by people’s kindness and generosity, Fiona Kelly who runs an excellent charity Road of Hope , put a young volunteer Michaela Barkley, in contact with The Good Life Orphanage after she could not travel to Mombasa this summer due to the travel advisory ban from the foreign office. Michaela had already done some fundraising for her planned trip and decided she wanted the money to go to an orphanage.

Tom, Tito & the children unload the GLO Van 02

Thankfully she choose The GLO, after asking Mercy what we needed and getting a shipping list as an answer we decided to spend the much needed money on new sheets for the childrens bed’s. Now we are not talking about a few sets of sheets but bedding for 64 beds. Mercy organised some of the Mamas & Aunties to accompany her to Mombasa to choose the sheets.

Obama & Mama Florence inspect their wares

On their return, the shouts of excitement could be heard throughout the orphanage. Every child including little Marianne & Mary chose their own sheets and then headed off to change their beds, such a simple exercise resulting in so many happy children.

Marianne chooses her sheets

The old sheets that were removed have now been washed and are being given to the villagers and some of our support staff at both The GLO & St Bernadette Mary School. At the moment we are raising enough each month just to cover our running costs so donations such as this are very important as we struggle to ensure our standards are being kept.

Happy Days 01

A massive Asante Sana for Michaela Barkley for the donation and also to Fiona Kelly for spreading The GLO word. We are hoping to be able to welcome you both over to The GLO in the near future.

Moses makes his bed

Enjoying the new sheets

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