Naomi was admitted to GLO on 14th January 2014 as she was abandoned by her mother who was known to beat and neglect the young girl. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our GLO Team we managed to locate Naomi’s father and grandmother.

Naomi arrives at The GLO

It was sad to hear how Naomi was promised so much by her mother who just chose to mistreat the young girl, the father had been trying in vain to find his daughter and was upset to hear how she was again abandoned ending up at Mtwapa Police Station prior to her arrival at The GLO. They were amazed to see the transformation from a sad little girl to a happy confident child who embraced life at the orphanage and St Bernadette Mary School.

Naomi starts school

Hemed guided the family through the process of applying for custody with the Children’s Department and Family Courts. Its was then decided that it was in Naomis’ best interest that she was reunited with her family and she was handed over to her paternal grandmother Kadii Karisa on 10th August 2014.

Kwaheri Naomi 01

We are always overjoyed when an abandoned child is reunited with her family but there is also an element of sadness for our remaining orphans who have no-one who will come and reclaim them. Naomi became a very close friend of Janie & Naomi Kumento in Flynn House during her eight months at The Good Life Orphanage.

Kwaheri Naomi 04

Kwaheri Naomi 06

Witnessing them saying goodbye to Naomi Karisa was very emotional but we will ensure these children can talk openly about how they feel following her departure and understand they are much loved by everyone remaining at The GLO.

Kwaheri Naomi 05

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