Its been a sad month at The GLO so far, Naomi Karisa has been reunited with her family and we have lost our administrator Vikki who has decided to seek employment elsewhere.

Kwaheri Vikki 13

Kwaheri Vikki 07

We will miss Vikki as she always has a smile on her face and is so gently & compassionate with our children. Vikki also proved to be a role model for our older girls and in particular Mwaka & Chabetty will miss her guidance. Vikki also assisted at St Bernadette Mary School and co-ordinated reports/photos with our sponsors.

Kwaheri Vikki 14

Kwaheri Vikki 18

Following a farewell party for Vikki, the children composed poems and sang songs for her, we wish her well but Vikki knows there is always a special place for her at The GLO.

Kwaheri Vikki 16

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