My Name is Collins Otieno, I am 14years, I came to The Good life Orphanage on 24th December, 2008 from a very poor family, my parents died when I was 5 years old. I thank Papa Kevin and Mama Mary for touching their hearts and found us, our lives have changed so much together with my brother and sister. At GLO we receive lots of love and care, our staff take care of us very well am happy as a King being looked after, I have so many mothers who I can share problems with.

Collins at home

I never thought I would go to school but at GLO am able to go to school, back at home that was not in our plan, but here I have teachers who are teaching me the importance of education and the golden opportunity it shall bring us. I fell sick for a while last year and I realised if I was not in GLO I do not know what would have happened to me, but here I had all the staff taking care of me my mother Mama Domy made sure I took my medication on time and I never missed my clinic.


I thank every one for loving me and am happy having my brother and sister here at GLO with me, we have found more brothers and sisters.


My name is Mwaka Abdalla, the GLO is a very special place for me, I love Papa Kevin and Mama Mary because of their support I am living a better life. When I arrived at GLO I was very scared but everything and everyone looked friendly and good I started making friends. I was surprised with the balanced meal, back at home meals were not balanced, diseases were infecting me because my body immunity was low. Am happy that I receive good care from all the staff, all my needs are taken care of, I do not get sick very much since I came to GLO.

GLO has provided me with education I go to school if I was at home, I know I would not be going to school,but here we have a good and big school helping even other children from the community who are also my friends, the teachers teach us very well. I am also happy that I am allowed to go for my Muslim classes with my brother, my faith is stronger.

Mwaka praying

Thank you Mama Mary,Papa Kevin and all the staff for loving us.


My name is Cynthia Achieng, I feel very good to be a GLO child because of very many things, other children in the streets lack what I have. I have all the basic needs food,shelter,education and clothes.
We are taken care very well our meals are balanced, our Mamas and Aunties make sure we are comfortable. We also have a good home with security even a guard dog who guards us at night. Every time when we lack any thing to wear we are always given, we do not wear torn clothes this makes me very thankful.


I am in Class 3, I work very hard because I never thought I would go to school but here at GLO I am able to learn,our teachers teach us very well, even at home we are taught how to be good example to the young ones I have learnt how to cook,go to the shamba for vegetables and clean. I thank Mama Mary,Papa Kevin and all our staff for taking care of us.

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