As you may already know the majority of children living at The GLO have no idea of their birthdays, some have come to our orphanage as newborns so we know their birthdays but we feel it would be insensitive to celebrate some but not others. To combat this problem we decided to have a joint “birthday’ for each house on a date which has special significance to the people who originally sponsored their house names.

)1 Kanoti prepares

So on the 25th of August the children from Keogh House celebrate their birthdays on the same date as Sean & Mary Keogh celebrate their wedding anniversary. As many of the children were spending the final week of their August school holidays with extended families it was decided that we would wait until they all returned and a joint celebration was planned with Flynn House. The children were up even earlier in anticipation, House Birthdays are very important to our children at The GLO.

Happy Birthday Flynn

As today the 1st of September is also Mike Flynn Senior’s birthday, the children from Flynn House were all prepared for a wonderful party whilst also remembering that the ongoing generosity of their house sponsors are a mainstay of our donations allowing us to continue operating to our current standards.

02 Keogh House Birthday Cake

As usual the local bakery made what can only be described as colourful cakes, in Kenya there is no concerns about additives and E numbers in childrens food.

02 Happy Birthday Flynn House

Happy Birthday Flynn House 06

After the cutting of the cakes, the dabbing of the cream in the faces and then the traditional feeding each other cake, the children from the other houses waited patiently to sample this delight.

04 Chabetty all grown up

07 - Time for cake

Then each child from each house received a small present, although spending is kept to a minimum with many of these presents coming from donations from the UK, the children and staff really apprecaite that they are made to feel very special on this day. It is heartwarming to see how the children are growing each year when these photos are taken, they come into The GLO malnourished and often close to death but as you can see they are all very healthy & happy now.

Steven with his present

Kevin with his present

A special word of thanks to the Flynn & Keogh Families for your continued support, without your help, support and guidance the orphanage would not be the successful project it is today. Secondly a massive Asante Sana to every single person who has donated to our charity over the year and all those who continue to do so by sponsoring children, fundraising annually and choosing the GLO when there are so many other charities out there. Together we are making a difference!

Frankie with his present

Omar enjoying cake

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