On the 2nd September 2014 in the evening some children heard a faint noise but it was not until the 10am the following morning they realised the cries were from a 10ft well in the Mnarani area of Kilifi. They summonded the area chief who in turn informed a special rescue team of Kilifi County Fire Section who came and rescued a new born baby boy just after noon. By then he had been attacked by insects with his right hand thumb badly torn and oozing with blood. He also had bruises all over his body especially around his neck and bottom.

Mama Mapenzi picks up Baby Chea

Amazingly the rescuers further explained that the baby was miraculously supported by the litter in the well, otherwise he would have drown.

Welcome to Flynn House Baby Chea

We received a phone call on Friday 19th September from the Children’s Department in Kilifi as the little baby now named Chea was healthy enough to come to start his new life at The GLO. After his rescue he was immediately brought to Kilifi District Hospital where he received treatment for the bites and cuts he sustained when being thrown into the well. He was also diagnosed with a condition called Neonatal Sepsis which is a serious bacterical infection and resulting in him having a blood tranfusion earlier in the week to save his life but giving the conditions of his birth and first 12 hours of his life this is not surprising.

Karibu Baby Chea

Mama Mapenzi with Baby Chea

Mama Mapenzi was overjoyed to learn that the new addition would be joining her family in Flynn House, as with all our new babies the orphanage was a hive of activity and excitement awaiting the arrival of Baby Chea. He has settled in very well and is feeding every few hours. Chea will remain under the watchful eye of the Pediatric Doctors at Kilifi District Hospital as they are also calling him a little miracle as he has survived against all the odds.

Papa Keivn meets Baby Chea

On Saturday morning Papa Kevin met our new addition to The GLO Family, whilst we welcome all children to our orphanage, a new born baby always gets special attention and this is one very special little boy indeed.

Baby Chea

We thank you all for your continued support which enables us to be able to give a home to babies like Chea, without your finiancial assistance this would be an impossible task.

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