Our very accomplished sports department & the entire staff organized a successful fun day in the school. Being an athletics term, teams battled it out to lift the newly introduced St Bernadette Mary trophy. The objective was to develop in the students a sporting spirit and a venue for the students to explore their physical prowess. It was also aimed at instilling the values of team work and leadership among the learners.

Let the fun commence

Skipping & Running

The activities were carefully selected to cater for all the learners from kindergarten to the most senior ones in the upper primary. The inauguration began at 9 30 am after our usual PPI prayers. This was followed by a welcome and inaugural speech by the sports head. The event started with the athletics march around our school field, Which was ideal due to the erratic weather conditions currently being experienced at the coast.

Serious runners

The students sang joyfully the victory songs and shouted slogans of the respective houses. The atmosphere was very exciting with the house cheering teams shouting out loud and waving their brightly coloured placards wildly to boost the morale of their house members.

Happy Days

Although it was an inter-house sports competition, it actually brought the four houses RED, GREEN, YELLOW and BLUE, more closer and together. Seeing students from the houses competing and cheering each other on, we realized that indeed the sports day is a virtuous competition and it only needs to get bigger.

Mr Sylvester

The meet was graced by The Head teacher, Mr. Sylvester, The Deputy Headteacher, Mr. William and The Social worker, Mr. Hemed. They also did give wonderful speeches after the event to motivate and inspire the students.

Congratulation Blue Team

Blue house trounced all the other houses to emerge the winners, and became the pioneer champs of the newly introduced St. Bernadette Mary trophy. The Yellow team were the runners up, while Red and Green emerged third and fourth respectively.

Celebrations begin

After the days activities, the learners were escorted to the cafeteria for juice and snacks marking the end of the sports day

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