Anyone who knows our founders realise very quickly that Mama Mary is a passionate advocate of the N.H.S in the UK, seeing first hand how people suffer in developing countries without any sort of benefit system brings home just how blessed we are in the UK in particular to have a world class health service. This was highlighted over the past week again at St Bernadette Mary’s School.

St Bernadette Mary School

The school is a godsend to the local community who benefit from a ‘free’ education where fully qualified teachers spend many hours enchancing the lives of these children who live in poverty, often not having any food daily apart from the cup of Ugi they receive at 10.30am daily in the school. Sadly one of the pupils Lillan was walking to school last Monday when she attacked by two dogs who only the previous month had killed their owner, the two children accompanying her raised the alarm but what remained was a scene of carnage.

School uniform after attack

Mr Sylvester and Sister Prisca quickly arrange for the GLO vehicle to pick the child up and bring her immediately to the local clinic along with a teacher whilst we located her mother who was working nearby. On seeing her injuries the staff at the clinic said she had to be brought to the main hospital in Mombasa. Now we have to remember that without money the local clinic would not even look at her wounds and as there are no ambulances this badly injured child would have had to get a local bus from the clinic to the hospital some 30km away. By this time Lillian’s mother had arrived and the GLO vehicle quickly transferred her to the government hospital here in Mombasa.

Lillian's injuries from dog attack

Lillian had the cuts cleaned but not stitched due to the nature of the bites. It costs 1,500kes (£10 approx.) for an anti-rabies injection, Lillan needs eight of these but her mama only earns about £40 per month so without our intervention she would have been left in a very dire situation. Thankfully she is now recovering, she is attending the clinic of a very dedicated and compassion doctor who only charges a nominal fee for his services.

Lillian's home

We are hoping Lillan can return to school over the next week to complete her examinations, on her last visit to our office, Madam Mercy gave her some pillowcase dresses donated by Sarah & Brooke Rodgers from the U.S.A and along with some sandals & underwear from the UK, she was a happy & clean little lady.

Lillian looking a happier little girl

This is how your donations help our project, by having fuel in our vehicle we were able to transfer Lillan directly to the hospital for treatment, thanks to DAFA’s annual donation to cover our medical expenses we were able to assist in paying for the treatment until the person responsible for the dogs could be located and contribute to these costs. Without the orphanage and school’s help & guidance this poor child may have died of either rabies or an infection caused by this savage attack. The dogs have now been destroyed and our pupils at St Bernadette Mary School can continue their daily journey in relative safety again.

Pillowcase Dress for Lillian