We are blessed to have linked up with Glenn Campbell from Co. Tyrone who is a very talented poet. During the past six months the staff and pupils of St Bernadette Mary School have been exchanging poems & ideas with Glenn and the results have been a revelation. Here is an extract from a report Mr Joe Karanji one of our dedicated teachers spearheading the project, has done for the founders of the orphanage and school.

Teachers leading Poem Project

We are planning to extend The Good Life Orphanage / St Bernadette Mary School poetry project and need your help. The students taking part in the project are either orphans or the very needy students. Most of their homes are ravaged by HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty while many others face neglect from their parents due to the lack of education and impoverished conditions in which they live. Writing has become a savior, a cathartic way to express the anguish they feel.

Poetry project 03

As they write the poems, each word oozes energy, excitement and fun.
The poets capture the struggles and challenges they face in their lives, for instance,
Harry, one of the best poets in this program, in his poem ‘This Education’ writes;
“I splash cold water on my face
readying myself for new knowledge
In the second place I call home
For my teacher is waiting
knowledge to impart
My tummy grumbles and mumbles
bitterly complaining of a missed supper
even as i strive to understand the days lesson”

Here Harry writes about the many days he goes without a meal in the evening yet still has to struggle to learn.

Poetry Project 02

Moses, a child with immense talent, in his poem ‘Dear Rats’ describes their home this way;
“Dear rat
why nibble at my feet
once I stretch myself
on my sack to catch a wink?
My precious sleep gone
I have to sharpen my mathematics skills
counting stars in the milky way
for the wind has blown off
our dear grass thatched roof
and dad is too imbibed to note”

Poetry Project 04

They are passionate about telling the world their stories by accompanying many of their poems with illustrations.
Just as Collins put it
“Mighty pen I caress you
with great enthusiasm
to tell the world my story”

Poetry Project 05

We seek to develop the students talents fully by publishing a poetry book. This will be an opportunity for the students to reach the world and tell their stories. The book will not only inspire the students to learn but will also be a recovery process from the many problems they face. We are committed to make a total change in the lives of these needy children, and thanks to Glenn we have uncovered such talent in children that would have otherwise been overlooked due to their social status.

Poetry Project 01

The Good Life Orphanage and St Bernadette Mary School is an oasis amid the mayhem and suffering these children experience daily, please help us take the next step in recognising their talents
Thank you so much.
Joe Karanja

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