To be a manager means to forget self and serve. I can say it has been a wonderful experience being at The Good Life Orphanage since March 2014. I can count on the many blessings that God has showered to the little innocent souls since I came to this place, the management staff has been of great support to me, I being a nun am called to live the merciful love of God and serve with Joy, peace and humility, something that is in the entire management staff.

Patrick, Sister Prisca & Paolo

The work that our caregivers are doing is excellent, working with children who come from different background demands total commitment & self surrender, which thankfully our staff have in abundance. To work with children you have to be like them and think along with them sometimes. In each house we have a capacity of 12 children so everyday is very busy but also so rewarding, without the dedication of the Mamas & Aunties these children would not progress and become grounded young adults.

Our answer to Pickfords

Also a special word of thanks to our support staff, our askaris and shamba workers are an important part of the GLO team and without their devotion to the project it would be impossible to operate the orphanage on a daily basis.

On the move, Michelle, Lawrence & Kevin

Sadly during 2014 we had to cancel all our planned volunteers due to security issues within Kenya, this has been a massive blow to us as along with the financial assistance they give to our running costs, the children also enjoying interacting with the people from different walks of life. We have spent the last three months being very active promoting the orphanage to local businesses and it has paid off.

Asante Sana Orange Kenya

We started our Christmas early by receiving visitors, who came to celebrate. The Company of Orange Kenya Mombasa Branch who came and brought Christmas gifts for our children, we had a wonderful day celebrating and look forward to their return visit.

Asanta Sana Orange Kenya

Secondly we appreciate The Wambua and Valuers Company for the recent visit to the orphanage,it was a wonderful experience for the children to see fellow Kenyans helping a local project. Again they brought donations which are much needed and we are very thankful for.

Fun & games with Orange Kenya

Also our sincere appreciation goes to Holy Ghost Spirit Small Christian Community from the Holy Ghost Cathedral who made a surprise visit to the Orphanage bringing donations and spending the day with the children.

Holy Ghost Spirit Small Christian Community

Uncle George from Serena Beach visiting The GLO

We thank all our Kenyan visitors, spending time with the children is having a very positive impact on their outlook and makes them feel part of the wider community. Uncle George from Serena Beach Hotel has become a regular visitor who enjoys spending time with the children, we appreciate him taking time out of his very busy schedule.

Happy to see you

Also a very special thanks to The Bonnington Family, we can always count on Dani, Bryan and Russell to visit our project. The children love to see them and Dani is like the Pied Piper once she arrives.

Beth with Mary, Eamon & Brenda

Last but by no means least was the surprise visit by Bethan Lewis, I have never seen the children so excited and it was wonderful to see their faces when Bethan arrived with Papa Kevin & Mama Mary, God Willing the security issues will be solved in 2015 so our volunteers can return to enchance the GLO experience for both the children and themselves.

Such pride & happiness from The GLO

One of the highlights of 2014 was The Spirit of St Bernadette Mary School Award on 13th November 2014. With a lot of Joy and excitement Abdalla Chogo one of the GLO children was the worthy winner this year during the closing day of SBM. After examining the full case history of Abdalla I can say he has really progressed during his time here and he regards Mary & Kevin as his parents.

Mary & Kevin

Finally I must say Asante Sana to our founders Mary and Kevin Maguire who had the urge of helping the innocent ones. I know it’s not an easy journey as it is so demanding but thanks to a wonderful support base in the UK & Ireland your efforts have brought a smile to these children.

Mama Florence with her O'Malley House Brood

To all our dear Donors may you be blessed; your support has made a difference to each & every one of us, both children & staff. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Health & Happiness in 2015.

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