Here in Kenya families usually celebrate new year in different styles and our GLO family was not left behind, we all celebrated the beginning of 2015 in a unique way. Sister Prisca invited all the children and caregivers to attend a very special day, the 1st Profession Ceremony for two sisters, Sister Lydia & Sister Claris.

Father Lagho says Mass

Our family was ferried in two trips and by 10:00 am all of us had assembled at the ceremonial venue. There were many guests from different places and after they had been all welcomed the ceremony started with a Mass led by Father Wilybard Lagho who represented our new Archbishop Martin Kivuva. We were entertained with different praise & worship songs with everyone enjoying the entertainment. The celebration reached its climax when the two sisters took their first vows as nuns.Families and friends of the two sisters were all present and they moved around singing different songs just to make the event colourful.


After the holy Mass we had a special lunch where everyone was served pilau, juice for small children and sodas for the adults. Our family enjoyed the meal and some of our children were heard asking each other if the food had been cooked by the sisters because it was too delicious. After lunch our kids had a chance to mingle with other kids and they all walked around in jovial moods. At around 16:00 hours we started our journey back home and all our children had some stories to share about this special day. For sure it was a marvellous and wonderful moment for everyone and 2015 was welcomed with a lot of excitement at the GLO.

New Year's Day Celebrations 2015

The GLO family shout a big thank you to all Sisters of Mary Mother of God for their special invitation. God bless you all. xxx