Today a different sort of clinic was held at St Bernadette Mary School, all the pupils gathered with their parents to have one-to-one conversations with our teachers on ways to enhance their daily lives within our classrooms.

All together for the Clinic Day

We were very surprised to see the number of parents who attended, after four years they now know and appreciate the value of the education their children are receiving at SBM School, seeing these parents arrive for 8.30am is very encouraging. Mr Stephen our Deputy Head Teacher urged them all to be very open with the teachers and to not feel inadequate due to their lack of education which is very important, we always treat the parents with respect & as equals.

Teacher Paul wth a parent & child

Mr Faidia our very vocal Chairperson of the P.T.A. then addressed the parents requesting them to please be aware of the many temptations the youths are surrounded by including drugs, homebrewed alcohol and underage sex which has a very negative effect on their education. He asked them to be vigilant and keep tabs on what their children are doing outside school hours.

Mr Joe with Mama Christine, Uncle Hemed, Collins & Abduallah

Mr Sylvester our Head Teacher also stressed the ongoing problems in the Mtepeni area with young girls getting pregnant and as a result not finishing their education which is so important, hopefully if the parents & teachers work as a team the numbers will decrease giving the girls a chance to further their education.

Teacher milka advises a pupils

Then each parent attended class with their child to discuss the indepth the academic progress of the pupils by seeing how they could assist in improving their performances & more important how they can enjoy the whole education process within St Bernadette Mary School.

Mr William speaks with a mother and pupils

As all our teachers are qualified and there are so many extra curriculum activities available all were very keen to see how their children are behaving ensuring they are working to their full potential as a “free’ education to this standard is not available anywhere else in the area.

Listening with Mr Paul

We thank all our teachers for their dedication and committment to their posts at the school, we look forward to the school going from strength to strength over the next few years. Without the generosity of our donor family from Manchester this would be an impossible task but together we are all making a difference.

Teacher Delrosa advises a parent

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela