After the hustle and bustle of finding a good school for both Everlyne and Juliet, finally they got admission to Drys Girls High School, Eldoret. This is after a flawed selection process by the government for students joining high school education this year.

Everlyn & Juliet leave SBM School

The journey to Eldoret began with great enthusiasm and gusto, this being the first time the two girls were travelling from the coast to the upcountry. We travelled overnight and by morning we safely arrived in Eldoret town, approximately 811 kilometres west of Mombasa town.

Arrival at Drys Girl School

We quickly freshened up and grabbed a couple of essentials before hiring a taxi to Dry girls high school, which is approximately 67 km North East of Eldoret town. We arrived to a packed admission day, luckily, Neema and Prisca, former students of St. Bernadette Mary School, were at hand to assist and reassure our girls.

Teacher Joe with our Dry Girl School Pupils

The admission day ran smoothly and by the end of the day both girls were able to join their peers in pursuit of quality high school education at Drys Girls High School. The amiable nature of the teachers was notable from the first day as the teachers went an extra mile in ensuring our girls settle down fast.

A lesson in putting on your tie for our girls

Lessons on tying a tie were offered in a very friendly manner. Our community at Drys Girls slowly but surely taking shape as the Principal promised us three chances on a yearly basis for our girls in her institution.

A very excited Cosmos

From Drys girls school, it was now time to admit Cosmas Kalama to St. Joseph High School, Kitale. Cosmas arrived on Wednesday 12th with much vigour and joy. He too had never travelled from the coast and the joy of being in a national school, 883 kilometres from Mombasa could not be hidden. The sight of Mt. Elgon on the periphery of the school simply made the admission process ecstatic for Cosmas.

Teacher Joe meets Phaustino

The admission process took a bit longer since he had arrived three days late but eventually he got admitted by the end of the day. He also joins Faustine, our student from St Bernadette, in acquiring the much needed high school education. All the students got admitted with great ‘elan and impetuous ardor towards education.

Cosmos joins his classmates in Form 1 @ St Joseph's Kitale

They expressed immense appreciation and gratitude for being accorded the privilege of acquiring high school education. Truly SBM is an oasis in this desert of desperation and would be lost hopes. On behalf of all of them I just wanna say ‘ahsante sana’ to all the sponsors for offering this students a stepping stone for their future lives.