Attending the music workshop in Mombasa this week was inspiring for everyone involved. Getting the serious business out of the way, Mrs Olga Muga took us through review of the Kenya Music Festival syllabus for 2015. It was very informative as many of my counterparts had different questions and ideas on how we can “make music” at our schools & colleges.

Music Workshop Mombasa

Sylvester Otieno a lecturer at Kenyatta University gave an interesting lecture on a new area in music especially pop music sector,set pieces,special compositions and adjudication. At the other side of the spectrum, Mr Stanley Akoto was promoting the use of poems to convey messages to our pupils, this involved a selection performers demonstrating training and presentation for the teachers attending. Mr Nickson Nagide also read wonderful poems in Swahili, again involving ways of selecting students who can blend their voices during performance,training and ultimately presentation.

Different instruments on show

Every day we had group work sessions from 4.00pm to 6.00pm, this time was set aside to give us an opportunity to ask our facilitators questions.Mr Sylvester Otieno enriched me with a lot of skills and knowledge in handling own compositions and set pieces. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors I was able to purchase set pieces, syllabus and other materials needed for the training.

Enjoying the music

At the end of the workshop I felt invigorated & revitalised, we are now looking forward to receiving the date for our Zonal Music Competitions where we can showcase the talents of St Bernadette Mary Choir. We all realise at SBM School that music, songs, dancing and poetry are a very important part of our pupil’s everyday education.

Mr Stephen partaking

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